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Peter the Great created the Russian Regular Army and Navy and founded many Russian cities, including Taganrog.

During his Azov campaigns, Peter I pointed out a place at the mouth of the River Don called Bogatyi Kolodez (“Plentiful Well”), which he believed to be a good location for a fortress. Interestingly, Tsar Peter the Great, even several hundred years ago, cared a great deal about protecting the local nature. This is apparent from the following decree he issued:

“While cleaning or repairing ships, one should take away all garbage to prevent it from sinking to the river bottom. And should anyone among our servicemen fail to follow this order, in case he is an officer, he should get one monthly salary taken away for the first offense; in case he does it for the second time, he should have his six months’ salary taken away; and if one fails to follow the order for the third time, he should be stripped of his rank and made a private. In case this person is a private, for the first failure to follow this order he should be beaten once with a ramrod. For the second instance he should be sentenced to a three-day punishment, and for the third time he should become a convicted offender and sentenced to several years of penal servitude”.