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Alexander Suvorov was a brilliant Russian commander, the count of Rymnik and a prince of Italy, generalissimo and holder of the highest Russian and foreign awards.

He was born in Moscow in 1730. When on the Don, Alexander Vasilievich Suvorov served as Commander of the Kuban corps and administered the construction of the defense fortification facilities between the rivers Don and Kuban (1778).

In August and September 1778 the Russian Empress Catherine II entrusted A.V. Suvorov with a diplomatic mission in the Crimea: He had to arrange the resettlement of more than 30,000 people, with 12,500 Armenians among them. As a result of the resettlement, an Armenian colony called New Nakhichevan was founded on the Don.

From 1782 to 1784 Suvorov stayed at the St. Demetrius of Rostov Fortress, in Aksaiskaya and Nizhne-Kundryuchya Cossack villages.

In April of 1784, A.V. Suvorov left the St. Demetrius of Rostov Fortress and set off for Moscow, transferring the command of the Kuban corps to General Leontyev. However, he hasn't broken his relations with the Don. All his future activities were closely linked with the Cossack troops.

Don Cossacks fought side by side with A.V. Suvorov in almost all his military campaigns and battles, including the Kinburn defense, the battles of Rymnik and Fokshany, and the assault of Ismail Fortress. During Suvorov’s Italian military campaigns, the famous crossing of the Alps, and many other events Don Cossacks were always in the advanced guard of the Russian Army. It is also worth noting that the great Russian commander always preferred to ride the Don race horses.

A.V. Suvorov made a mark in world history as one of the greatest commanders, who never lost a battle. In the art of war he was not only a field commander, but also a thinker: his book “The Science of Winning” is a prominent work in military theory.

The image of Alexander Vasilievich Suvorov, along with many legends and stories, still lives in the people's memories today.