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Fyodor Ushakov was an outstanding Russian naval commander, Admiral of the Fleet, creator of the Black Sea Navy, holder of such awards as the Order of Alexander Nevskiy, the Order of St. George, the Order of St. Vladimir, the Order of the Maltese Cross (of the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem).

Fyodor Fyodorovich Ushakov was born on February 13, 1745 on his family’s estate in Burnakovo village, located in the Romanovskiy District of Yaroslavl Province.

On February 15, 1761, he was enlisted in the Naval Cadet Corps for the gentry.

In 1766, after completing his education, he became a midshipman in the Russian Fleet.

In January 1769, among other 1,500 naval officers and sailors, F.F. Ushakov was sent on a mission to the Don. There, under the command of Admiral of the Fleet A.N. Senyavin, they were tasked with reviving the Azov Fleet, which had been created many years before by Peter the Great. At that time, the shipyards of the fleet were situated in the towns of Pavlovsk, Ikorets and Tavrov, but their resource base was located in the St. Demetrius of Rostov Fortress. While commanding his sailboat, Pram #5, midshipman Fyodor Ushakov was responsible for the procurement of timber and other materials required for the construction of the Azov Fleet on the Don River.

On July 30, 1769, in the St. Demetrius of Rostov Fortress, midshipman F. Ushakov was granted the title of naval lieutenant.

All this happened on the Don land. The revival of the Azov Fleet at the mouth of River Don prepared the ground for the development of Russia’s Black Sea Navy of the future. The future naval Commander and Admiral of the Fleet Fyodor Fyodorovich Ushakov started his glorious career here, thus allowing him to enter Russian history as an outstanding seaman who never lost a sea battle.

A contemporary of A.V. Suvorov and Navy Admiral Lord Nelson, he also made a valuable contribution to the art of war at sea. He is sometimes nicknamed “A.V. Suvorov on the sea”.

In 2001, by a resolution adopted by the Holly Synod and in recognition of his great services to the Orthodox Church and his homeland, F.F. Ushakov was canonized.